Technical and specialised translation

We provide specialised translation of documents and texts, always working with native translators to obtain the highest degree of terminological accuracy.
The main objective of a technical and specialised translation is to translate the terminology appropriately so that the translated documents maintain the same precision as the original documents.


We work with a team of certified native translators specialised in each sector.


Punctual deliveries and urgent deadlines, we adapt to your needs.


We use CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation) to guarantee the quality of the translation.


We graphically edit your files so that the translation maintains the same format as the original.


We work 12 hours a day to answer your questions before, during and after the translation process.

In which languages do we translate?

English translations
French translations
Spanish translations
Italian translations
Portuguese translations
Polish translations
German translations

Romanian translations
Russian translations
Chinese translations
Arabic translations
Dutch translations
Japanese translations
Catalan translations

What documents do we translate?

We translate all kinds of texts and documents, but the most common are:


Technical manuals and instructions for use.

Scientific articles, theses and final year projects.

Annual accounts, invoices, income statements.


Contracts and deeds.


Medical reports, diagnostic tests, patient management.


How much is a translation?

It depends on the language, the amount of text you need to translate and, above all, the type of translation: technical, literary, commercial, etc.

When will I receive my translation?
We work with urgent deadlines so we will tell you as soon as possible the exact delivery time when we give you the quote.
Are you native translators?
Yes translations are always carried out by certified native translators from each country.
Are you specialised translators?
Yes, we work with trusted translators specialised in different fields, who master the specific terminology of each translation project.
Where are you?
We work for all of Spain, we have translators distributed throughout almost the entire country.
Do I need to take my documents to your office?
No, you can send your texts to our email and we will give you a non-binding quote.

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